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The greatest businesses of the future are those solving the world’s biggest challenges.

Guiding principles

Fortitude. Persistence. Humility. Audacity.

Over the past decade we have invested in the great businesses of the future, those that solve social and environmental challenges.

We are long term partners, present for the entire journey of creation, from seed to growth, from a founder’s first check to 100s of millions in topline.

We know how hard it is to build a business. We have done it ourselves.  Ole Kristiansen made masterful wooden toys for 15 years before he bought his first plastic injection mould in the 1940s birthing the iconic Lego brick.  Yvon Chouniard forged pitons for safer climbing for 11 years before he bought a Scottish rugby shirt in 1970 that led to the Patagonia that we know today.  Starbucks had only 3 coffee shops in Seattle for its first decade, it now has over 35,000.  We recognise that great businesses are often begun in small, passionate, inconspicuous places.  They will intimately encounter failure in their early years before the lore of financial greatness.

They all require fortitude and persistence, and a rare combination of humility and audacity.  These are the foundations of overnight success unfolded in decades, and our guiding principles.


Mustard Seed + Partners is a thematic private equity firm investing in businesses with measurable, outsized impact potential.

We invest in secular growth tailwinds driven by megatrends such as climate change, demographics and digitalization.

Our investment strategy focuses on 3 themes:

1  Climate Action    Net-zero commitments are creating opportunities for investors for the next decades by enabling the energy transition, contributing to decarbonize our economy and adapting to the impacts of climate change

2  Resource Efficiency    Unsustainable consumption and economic growth are depleting natural resources. We focus on solutions optimizing the use of resources and enabling a more circular economy such as recycling, waste management or regenerative agriculture

3  Societal Growth    Structural demographic and societal changes driven by ageing population and technology disruption are resulting in growing social inequalities. We support businesses building better healthcare systems, improving access to education and building a more inclusive society


We invest in fast-growing European companies, where impact and financial returns are mutually reinforcing.

Our investment strategy is simple. We invest in rapidly growing companies with proven technology, scalable business models, exceptional management teams and significant impact potential.

Venture takes a certain kind of mindset from an investor.  It requires partnership, patience and understanding.   It requires a certain appetite for risk, and an ability to digest unknowns. It also requires a mind that can digest truth in contradiction – a failing venture can become our greatest venture.  A failed product, can become the inspiration for our greatest product.  There is nothing easy about venture – companies take decades to come to fruition, the prospect of failure recurs often.

As ventures grow, it becomes less about proving that a product can sell, and much more about scaling and growth.  The risks diminish substantially.  The investor mindset needs to adapt to a new reality, different types of investors, more governance, more extensive capital needs, big teams, global operations. 

Over the past decade, we have evolved alongside our founders, from backing exceptional businesses at seed stage to late-stage growth. We believe Europe currently offers a unique investment opportunity set in growth-stage impact business that we seek to capitalize on. Our sweet spot for growth equity investments ranges from €10-40 million.